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Tune to watch Best Selling Author, Award Winning Speaker, and Biology-based Success Architect Heather Wagenhals interview the hottest minds in productivity, entrepreneurship, budgeting, personal finance, investing, psychology, and personal development to help you get your MoneyMind©Right. Past appearances include: celebrity guests like Larry Winget of A & E’s Big SpenderMillion Dollar Listing BRAVO's Chris Leavitt, and Sharon Lechter co-author Rich Dad Poor Dad. Our lineup of guests includes T. Harv Eker author of Secrets of the Millionaire Mind, Chicken Soup for the Soul magnate Mark Victor Hansen, real estate expert Jason HartmanKiana Danial the Invest Diva, Mastering Happiness coach Dr. Joel Wade, publishing tycoon Steve Forbes, #1 Ranked market analyst Jim Woods, Shark Tank’s Kevin Harrington and many more.

May 18, 2018

Passive income always sounds exciting and daunting at the same time yet scores of people get rich with real estate investment.

Gena Lofton joins Heather Wagenhals to dispel the myths of real estate investing in shares how you can get started simply.

Who's On:

Real estate investment genius and female superpower Gena Lofton joins Heather Wagenhals in this reprise interview during Women's Empowerment Season 35 of Unlock Your Wealth Radio. Gena is the Founder of A2A. She is an active investor in multiple asset classes. Primarily, Buying and/or Building undervalued Assets which generate tax-efficient passive income by using good debt and reducing her taxes. Most of the societal problems are a direct result of people who don't do this which is caused by Financial Illiteracy. Financial Illiteracy has become so dangerous, that it is incomprehensible why society refuses to address the problem which Alan Greenspan warns is the biggest problem which continues to be ignored. Financial illiteracy has been in her life since birth having been abandoned as a toddler and grew up in the Foster care system in South Central Los Angeles.

Big Vision:

She wrote a book, entitled Escape the Madness, The 10 Steps to Get out of the Rat Race which helps the reader achieve financial freedom by learning the 10 steps she took to get her passive income to exceed her expenses.

While building DIRECTV over the years it became apparent that there is so little content to help educate people financially, she decided to create A2A. Thus, A2A was a vision which she had planned to launch once she concluded the merger efforts transitioning DIRECTV to ATT.

The Flagship Financial Freedom Formula™product is a successor to the book and the exact same formula which enabled Gena to buy/build over $50b in assets, such as 4k Apartment units, Assisted Living Facilities, Oil and Gas, inclusive of DIRECTV.

What's Shared:

  • How Gena's childhood shaped her business savvy
  • What is the difference between working for a company into building an asset?
  • How you can shift from employee to passive income earner
  • so much more!

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