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Tune to watch Best Selling Author, Award Winning Speaker, and Biology-based Success Architect Heather Wagenhals interview the hottest minds in productivity, entrepreneurship, budgeting, personal finance, investing, psychology, and personal development to help you get your MoneyMind©Right. Past appearances include: celebrity guests like Larry Winget of A & E’s Big SpenderMillion Dollar Listing BRAVO's Chris Leavitt, and Sharon Lechter co-author Rich Dad Poor Dad. Our lineup of guests includes T. Harv Eker author of Secrets of the Millionaire Mind, Chicken Soup for the Soul magnate Mark Victor Hansen, real estate expert Jason HartmanKiana Danial the Invest Diva, Mastering Happiness coach Dr. Joel Wade, publishing tycoon Steve Forbes, #1 Ranked market analyst Jim Woods, Shark Tank’s Kevin Harrington and many more.

Feb 28, 2014

Scottsdale, Arizona- Sharon Saylerbest selling author of What Your Body Says, strategically communicates with Heather Wagenhals and listeners on the UnlockYourWealthRadio Show this Friday, February  28h, 2014 at 9:00AM (PST). Tune in as Sharon answers personal and professional communication tips including Why is your body language keeping you broke? Can you overcome a first impression?  and How important is your body language to your wealth?  Find out these answers as you gather detailed advice and encouragement when using non-verbal communication with peers and co-workers.

Libsyn's Popular Money Show welcomes Sharon Sayler, International communications trainer to Season 18 Barely Legal edition this Friday at 9:00am (PST). Find out how you can set the tone when talking to people and getting them to believe in you with that first physical gesture, which can bring you wealth.

This week’s trivia is based on last week’s Key: No Seasonal Exceptions, plus Minutes on your Money and more during Declare Your Financial Independence 2014.

This Week’s Key in the Keys to Riches Financial Wellness Series:

Create Credit

Learn more about the financial literacy program and the remaining twelve keys on This Week's Key page.

More about our featured guest:

Sharon Sayler is known as a best selling author for her book:  What Your Body Says (and how to master the message): Inspire, Influence, Build Trust and Create Lasting Business Relationship. Sayler is also credited with executive consulting services on Women's Leadership Skills, Public Speaking Skills, Workshop Training, Team Coaching and more! Listen this Friday morning at 9 a.m. PST to get the full scoop on Sharon as she communicates with the host of Unlock Your Wealth RadioHeather Wagenhals.