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Tune to watch Best Selling Author, Award Winning Speaker, and Biology-based Success Architect Heather Wagenhals interview the hottest minds in productivity, entrepreneurship, budgeting, personal finance, investing, psychology, and personal development to help you get your MoneyMind©Right. Past appearances include: celebrity guests like Larry Winget of A & E’s Big SpenderMillion Dollar Listing BRAVO's Chris Leavitt, and Sharon Lechter co-author Rich Dad Poor Dad. Our lineup of guests includes T. Harv Eker author of Secrets of the Millionaire Mind, Chicken Soup for the Soul magnate Mark Victor Hansen, real estate expert Jason HartmanKiana Danial the Invest Diva, Mastering Happiness coach Dr. Joel Wade, publishing tycoon Steve Forbes, #1 Ranked market analyst Jim Woods, Shark Tank’s Kevin Harrington and many more.

Oct 24, 2014

Frugal couple, Mark and Lauren Greutman overcome the biggest financial challenges in marriage, while sharing their story of how they got out of $40,000 in debt, offering listeners budgeting advice on the Unlock Your Wealth Radio, with host and executive producer, Heather Wagenhals

Now debt-free, the married couple takes their passion to help other couples by sharing their perspective on money management and how to bounce back into financial savings through frugal living. This husband/wife team offers advice and share budgeting tips to help other couples get others on the same financial page, saving them money and their marriage.

"We had to find ways to overcome our financial hardships. Quickly. Choices that would result in immediate financial (and marital) help." ~Lauren Greutman

As Mark and Lauren share their story, we learn the couple was both involved in money decisions to overcome their debt. As Lauren became the frugal living expert through couponing, Mark spent his time creating spreadsheets, to help the frugal couple get through their financial hardship and out of debt.

The frugal couple goes into detail with their previous financial struggles and how it took them four years to get out of $40,000 debt and $1,000 monthly deficit. Now they are offering advice and helping others manage their money with their services of getting out of debt and changing other couples' financial futures, living the New American Dream.

Join Mark and Lauren, on Google Hangout, the last Sunday of every month to hear their own personal budget and how they achieve their financial goals everyday. You can also hear the dynamic couple on The Simpler Happier Life Podcast to hear more financial tips and budgeting advice for couples and individuals of all ages.

Tune in to hear on the Libsyn platform, as Mark and Lauren reveal who took the first action in their relationship to overcome their debt. You will also find and how they found their new American Dream of living for what really matters to them, which is their values of marriage and family.

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