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Tune to watch Best Selling Author, Award Winning Speaker, and Biology-based Success Architect Heather Wagenhals interview the hottest minds in productivity, entrepreneurship, budgeting, personal finance, investing, psychology, and personal development to help you get your MoneyMind©Right. Past appearances include: celebrity guests like Larry Winget of A & E’s Big SpenderMillion Dollar Listing BRAVO's Chris Leavitt, and Sharon Lechter co-author Rich Dad Poor Dad. Our lineup of guests includes T. Harv Eker author of Secrets of the Millionaire Mind, Chicken Soup for the Soul magnate Mark Victor Hansen, real estate expert Jason HartmanKiana Danial the Invest Diva, Mastering Happiness coach Dr. Joel Wade, publishing tycoon Steve Forbes, #1 Ranked market analyst Jim Woods, Shark Tank’s Kevin Harrington and many more.

Unlock Your Wealth 2018 Highlights

Dec 28, 2018

2018 has been an exciting year to deposit in the memory banks.

Heather Wagenhals Unlock Your Wealth Today TV Host

In addition to the curious political headlines, mixed economic news, corporate challenges, and the roller coaster ride from the stock market as of late, the Unlock Your Wealth Foundation still set some records and ventured into new territory with tremendous success.

 We celebrated 35 seasons of Unlock Your Wealth Radio this year and transitioned from a radio-only broadcast to a radio simulcast of our new show in a new medium, Unlock Your Wealth Today TV. We set some firsts this year with our first Women's Empowerment season featuring some incredible female powerhouses in the areas of economics, financial literacy, shopping, budgeting, and investing. Women like Sharon Lechter, Gena Lofton, Sara Tetreault, Signe Thomas, Kiana Danial, Tarra Jackson, Jean Ann Dorrell, Kim Fisher, and Millioniare Maker Hilary Kramer all shared their insights this year.

 FreedomFest, always a highlight, helped us set another first for the show this year. We were proud to debut two other shows from The Unlock Your Wealth broadcast booth. The Atlasphere Podcast for Atlas Shrugged aficionados, and the Way of the Renaissance Man podcast from regular contributor, Jim Woods. In addition to broadcasting live periodically throughout the largest liberty and economic conference in the world, I was so fortunate to have the #4 ranked market analyst in the world, Jim Woods join me to co-host our Friday episode live. His unique perspective coupled with his depth of knowledge and market insight makes him an ideal addition to the Unlock Your Wealth Today TV show, and I was honored he was willing to do an unscripted show on the fly.

 With the new medium for the show, we also redefined the program, expanding our offerings. You see, wealth is more than money, and wealth occurs in so many other facets of our life. Unlock Your Wealth Today TV is now focused on, Your Life, Fully Invested©. To achieve this whole life focus, each week we bring you top featured experts, compelling topics, and special guests to help you increase your wealth, improve your health, expand your wisdom, and enjoy more pleasurable pursuits.

 Venturing out of our comfort zone, and the confines of the studio to start spending some of that discretionary income we earned was with our first Pleasurable Pursuits segment at Fumar Cigars Smoke Easy. David Haddad introduced us to the fine art of cigar making and proper enjoyment as a worthwhile pastime.

 The show also dropped in to learn savvy wardrobe shopping techniques from Tess Loo, Chief Fashion Officer at My Sisters Closet. Tess shared how to “edit your closet,” build the ideal capsule wardrobe, and how to spot counterfeit luxury goods.

 Unlock Your Wealth Today TV aligned itself with Eagle Financial Publications and its Six World-Class Finance and Investment Experts to bring you the very best investment analysis and recommendations to help you achieve your financial goals in the most effective ways possible. We have introduced them to you the last couple of months, and you can expect to see Dr. Mark Skousen, Hilary Kramer, Bryan Perry, Bob Carlson, Mike Turner, and Jim Woods regularly to provide their take on money and investing today.

 We are very excited to have the esteemed market analyst Jim Woods back to kick off the New Year. Jim will share his perspective on what the coming year may bring financially and how you can capitalize on that today so be sure to tune in next Friday to catch his market insights.

 I would be remiss if I did not thank you, the individual listener and viewer. All of this is due to your ongoing support and feedback. The show has tripled its numbers as so many of you who pushed for the visual medium are tuning in to watch. Thank you for the opportunity to share with you my experiences and philosophies on wealth, health, achievement and living your highest values every day. Your participation in the live shows and offline communications bring me so much value in return. Please, as Frank Sinatra would say to the cocktail waitress serving him, "keep 'em coming and don't break the rhythm."


2019 will bring more guests, more insight, and more opportunities to learn and expand your horizons from Unlock Your Wealth Today TV. Be sure to follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for the latest breaking news, tools, and resources to get out of debt, achieve financial freedom and live the life of your dreams now!


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